• Hanwha is a global energy company offering comprehensive vertical integration – from crystalline silicon, ingots, wafers, cells, and modules to project development and financing. Our goal is to set the new standard in innovation and value by redefining what it means to be a vertically integrated company.
  • Hanwha also have partners with third party distributors, OEM manufacturers, and system integrators to serve large-scale utility, commercial and residential/small commercial solar installations. We maintain a strong global presence throughout Europe, North America, and Asia and have regional technical and sales support, with the necessary local market knowledge.
  • Hanwha solar modules are ideal for commercial, residential and utility-scale applications, both on-grid or off-grid.
  • Hanwha solar modules are built using in-house produced cells that undergo rigorous materials testing before and during module production. Our 5S Lean manufacturing process ensures uncompromised quality at every step. This produces a final solar module of the highest, most reliable integrity
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