Hanwha Group

Finance Field

Finance drives the Group’s growth by providing total financial solutions to customers via the Hanwha Finance Network, with Korea Life Insurance, Hanwha Securities, Hanwha General Insurance and First Fire & Marine Insurance. Korea Life Insurance received a “triple-A” solvency rating, Korea’s highest, for the second straight year and was second on the National Consumer Satisfaction Index. Growing steadily, Korea Life Insurance is recognized as a trusted, top-class financial institution. Hanwha Securities, the first from Korea to enter the Kazakhstan market, continues to seek out new startups. The company is creating new value by transitioning from an asset manager specializing in bonds to a finance and investment specialist.

Affiliated companies

Company    homepage
Korea Life Insurance Co., Ltd.www.korealife.com
Hanwha Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.www.jwgeneralins.com
Hanwha Securities Co., Ltd.www.koreastock.co.kr
Hanwha Investment Trust Management Co., Ltd.www.koreatrust.co.kr
Hanwha Venture Capital Co., Ltd.www.hwvc.co.kr
Hanwha Bank Hungary Ltd. (Hungary)www.hanwhabank.hu
Prudential Investment & Securities Co., Ltd.www.pru.co.kr

Manufacturing/Construction Field

Manufacturing & construction have remained a solid foundation for the Group and a core driver for realizing the “global Hanwha” vision. Hanwha Corp.’s competitiveness in industrial explosives and ammunition production is enabling overseas expansion, and the company is developing new growth engines such as aerospace. Core competencies are also focused on overseas natural resource development. Hanwha Chemical aims to become a top chemical maker by 2015, developing customers overseas and growth engines in new materials and solar energy. Hanwha L&C already produces diverse essentials for daily life, including construction materials, automotive parts, and materials for electronics. This affiliate is now transforming into a processor of added value materials with global competitiveness.

Affiliated companies

CompanyBusiness areaHomepage
Hanwha Corporation / ChemicalIndusrial explosives, defense goods, inflator, automatic fire extinguisher, Nitrogenexp.hanwha.co.kr
Hanwha Corporation / TradeGeneral trading with any kinds of itemswww.hanwhatrade.com
Hanwha SolaroneSolar modulewww.hanwha-solarone.com
Hanwha Engineering & Construction CorporationConstruction, Engineeringwww.hwenc.co.kr
Hanwha Chemical CorpPVC, PE, Caustic soda, Wire & Cable compoundhcc.hanwha.co.kr
Hanwha Life & Creative CorporationAuto part, EVA sheet, FCCL, PVC floorings, PVC window profiles, Deco sheets, Engineering stone, Acrylic solid surfacewww.hlcc.co.kr
Hanwha Polydreamer Co., Ltd.PVC sol tarpaulinwww.hwpd.co.kr
Dreampharma Co., Ltd.Various kinds of medicinewww.dreampharma.co.kr
Hanwha TechM Co., Ltd.CNC, Industrial furnacewww.hanwhatechm.co.kr
Yeochun NCC Co., Ltd.Naphtha Crackingwww.yncc.co.kr
Asan Techno Valley Co., Ltd.Complex town developingwww.atv21.co.kr
Seosan Techno Valley Co., Ltd.Complex town developingwww.stv21.co.kr
DangjinTechnopolis Co., Ltd.Complex town developingwww.dtv21.co.kr

Service/Leisure Field

The services & leisure affiliates are pursuing differentiation and targeting the high-end market to enrich customers’ lives and usher in new leisure lifestyles for the 21st century. A leading retailer of luxury goods, Hanwha Galleria is diversifying to offer new value and transforming into a hybrid retail specialist to lead the premium segment in Korea and be an important player in global fashion. Hanwha Resort, meanwhile, puts customer satisfaction first and is promoting the entertainment aspects of the resort business to accommodate changing lifestyles. The goal is to become a global leisure and food services leader that respects customer value.

Affiliated companies

CompanyBusiness areaHomepage
Hanwha Galleria Co., Ltd.Department storedept.galleria.co.kr
Hanwha Timeworld Co., Ltd.Department storedept.galleria.co.kr
Hanwha Hotels & Resort Co., Ltd.Plaza Hotel, Condominium chain, Amusement park, Golf clubs (126 holes)www.hwrc.co.kr
63 City CorporationAquarium, Conference service, Seoul city outlook point, Theaterwww.63realty.co.kr
Hancomm Co., Ltd.Advertisement & PR agencywww.hancomm.co.kr
Hanwha S&CIT & SI solutionswww.hsnc.co.kr
Hanwha EaglesProfessional Baseball Teamwww.hanwhaeagles.co.kr
Hanwha Station Development Co., Ltd.Department store in main stationwww.hwsd.co.kr
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