Global Hanwha Network

Hanwha operates nine subsidiaries and one office in the Americas, the world's largest single market. Europe becomes an increasingly attractive as Russia and more Eastern European countries seek to join the European Union. The Hanwha network in Europe includes four subsidiaries and six offices.

Hanwha Corp. established a branch in New York in 1976. The operation was upgraded to a trading subsidiary and relocated in New Jersey in 1983, after which business has been conducted in North, Central and South America. Today, imports and exports of chemicals, steel, machinery, agricultural and marine products, and foodstuffs generate annual sales of over US$300 million in the America market.

Universal Bearings LL c. is an American manufacturing subsidiary acquired by Hanwha Group 1991. The company holds the top market share for needle rollers, used in automobile drivetrains. Hanwha L&C Alabama LL C. an automotive parts maker, was established in 2005. Hanwha L&C then acquired Azdel, Inc., a maker of high-performance thermoplastic composites, in November 2007 to expand its auto parts supply. Meawhile Hanwha L&C Canada, Inc. was established in December 2007 and production starts in the second half of 2009.

Korea Life Insurance established a New York subsidiary to elevate overseas investment efficiency. The subsidiary builds networks with multinational financial institutions and pursues to globalize Korea Life Insurance’s asset management business. Hanwha Engineering & Construction participated in a condominium development project in Chicago, paving the way into the American construction market.

Hanwha Corp. established an office in Frankfurt in 1989 for importing and exporting steel products, automotive parts, machinery and processed plastics. That office is now expanding its business into the rapidly growing markets of Russia and the former CIS. Hanwha L&C established an automotive parts plant in the Czech Republic in 2007. Hanwha’s financial operations run a commercial bank in Hungary, which provides loans throughout Europe. Finally, Hanwha Galleria has opened an office in Milan, one of the world’s great fashion centers.


Hanwha Corp.

Hanwha Europe GmbH (
Mergenthalerallee 79-81, 65760 Eschborn, Germany

Tel: 49-6196-5016-90

Hanwha Bank Hungary Ltd. (
H-1088 Rakoczi Ut 1-3 Budapest, Hungary

Tel: 36-1-429-9402

Hanwha Corporation Athens Representative Office
Rizariou 2A and Mikras Asias 66 Chalandri, 15233, Athens, Greece

Tel: 30-210-685-8240

Hanwha Europe GmbH Budapest Representative Office
1118, Dayka Gabor U.3, Rubin BusinessCenter, Room 210, Budapest, Hungary

Tel: 36-1-319-3234

Hanwha Corporation Moscow Representative Office
Leninsky Prospekt 113/1, Park Place Business Center, Office 212D Moscow 117198, Russia

Tel: 7-495-662-3003

Hanwha Livong & Creative Corp.

Hanwha L&C Czech s.r.o
Ostravska 494 739 25 Sviadno Frydek Mistek Czech Republic

Tel: 420-733-236

Hanwha TechM Co., Ltd.

Hanwha TechM Hungary Co., Ltd.
MGM Co., Ltd, Gyar u. 2 H-2049 Diosd, Hungary

Tel: 36-23-546-301
Fax: 36-23-382-822

Korea Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

Korea Life Co., Ltd.
8F, City Tower, Basinghall Str. EC2V5DE London, UK

Tel: 44-207-826-4020
Fax: 44-207-7826-4029

Korea Securities Co., Ltd.

Hanwha Securities London Representative Office
Part Level 8, City Tower 40, Basinghall Street EC2V5DE London, UK

Tel: 20-7628-1992
Fax: 20-7638-6547

Hanwha Galleria Co., Ltd.

Hanwha Galleria Milan Representative Office
Via Uberto Visconti di Modrone, 30 20122 Milano, Italia

Tel: 39-02-9287-0957
Fax: 39-02-9287-0954


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Hanwha HANWHA EUROPE GmbH Kölner Strasse 10, 65760 Eschborn, Germany, Tel.: +49 (0)6196 5016 0, Fax: +49 (0)6196 5016 90, E-Mail: